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Inspection Services
Inspection Services

ISSI inspection and quality review services offers the following services. Independent cargo and incident surveys, claims avoidance services and consulting, factory production line quality checks(including factories producing for Target, Wal Mart and JC Penny), verification of contractual compliance as per our customers specifications. We provide loading and quality certificates according to either the buyer or the sellers requirements.

Our inspectors are ISO 17020 certified and we are the first Central American company to be certified through the Ministry of Regulations and Standards of Nicaragua.

In 1998 Hurricane Mitch struck Central American, and Nicaragua particularly hard.  ISSI was chosen to be the quality surveyor used during the 1998 Hurricane Mitch emergency airlift into Nicaragua. Working 24 hours a day inspecting over 100 flights, ISSI was instrumental in seeing a successful airlift into Nicaragua, and was recognized by “AGRA” a “USAID” contactor  for their outstanding efforts.

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Inspection Services - Aimar, one company for all your global logistics needs, offering customized service, sailings for full (FCL) or less (LCL) than container load cargo, shipments for air cargo, truck delivery service, owned and operated bonded warehouse, in house custom's brokerage, with ISO 9001:2000 quality controlled operations.

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