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Land Freight
Land Freight

To complete the inland deliveries of your ocean or air shipments, Aimar Group offer the Land Freight Services.

We provide local deliveries to customers premises from our bonded warehouse, as well as pick up′s for consolidated exports

We also operate bonded trucks allowing delivery of bonded cargo†in Central America, Panama†or Mexico, delivering directly to Aimarís own warehouse facilities weekly or byweekly throughout Central America Land Freight†Service in LTL (Less than TruckLoad) and FTL (Full TruckLoad) options.

Refrigerated transport

The Aimar Group has 40 foot refrigerated trailers giving us the ability to move refrigerated goods throughout Central America.† We offer this service on a contractual basis for different fruit and food suppliers to local markets. The Aimar Group moves on a regular basis, over 200 refrigerated loads of produce, fruit, seafood, meat and chicken throughout Central America per month.

Our† Guatemala warehouse is in a bonded free zone and has both dry as well as well as refrigerated storage capacity. Pallet space for 916 pallets square feet of 21528 feet.

Our repair and maintenance company has the representation for Thermoking,† throughout Central America. They offer highway emergency services as well as customezied plant installation of electrical connections at customerís plants and processing facilities.

Equipment rental services

The Aimar group has over 200 chassis in Central America including twenty foot chassis, fourty foot chassis, and fourty five foot chassis as well as many† extendable 40-45-48 chassis. We also have available refrigeration generators and refrigerated trailers for either short term or long term lease.

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Land Freight - Aimar, one company for all your global logistics needs, offering customized service, sailings for full (FCL) or less (LCL) than container load cargo, shipments for air cargo, truck delivery service, owned and operated bonded warehouse, in house custom's brokerage, with ISO 9001:2000 quality controlled operations.

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